Nestled in the southwest corner of Indiana, Owensville offers a lifestyle of a unique balance and blend of rural, suburban, and industrial life. As our famous Watermelon Fest proves year after year, you can't find friendlier people anywhere else.


Love nature?  The Wabash River, fabled in song, is a stone's throw away. We enjoy a four season climate. Hoosiers joke that "Every season has three seasons in one. If you don't like today's weather, wait a day. It'll change. "The Fall foliage is breathtaking. Winter offers just enough snow so that children are well versed in the construction of snowmen (and that Hoosier love for baseball and basketball means strong accurate arms for snowballs). Spring brings the farmers and gardeners out to tend that amazing Indiana soil. Summers are just right for swimming, water skiing, and all the other summer sports.


Agriculture is a respected and important aspect of our community. The work ethic that made America great is evidenced in our local farmers - working hard to feed our great nation.


Industry is no stranger - The Gibson Generating Station and Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana's plant are world class producers of energy and vehicles.


Owensville - where we still live the American Dream!


Tips for New Residents!

All new town residents should be aware of a few ordinances that our town strictly enforces.

Burning of leaves upon the town streets is prohibited. As well as burning outside the hours of 8am and 5pm.

The depositing of grass clippings into the streets or gutters is declared unlawful.

All properties must keep weeds and grasses cut.

Accumulation of junk, waste, garbage, and refuse upon real property located within the corporate limits are declared to be a nuisance.

No person shall allow the continuous barking, yelping, whining or howling of a dog. Animals shall be confined to the owner's property and not permitted to run loose.

No person shall store, park, or allow to remain in the open upon public or private premises any abandoned vehicle within the limits of the town of Owensville.


1st Tuesday of each month
6:30 p.m.
Owensville Town Hall
103 South Main Street


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Owensville/Montgomery Township Park and Recreation Board

2nd Tuesday of each month
6:30 p.m.
Owensville Town Hall

103 South Main Street


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